Vegetarian Gravy – 2 Ways

Recipes for vegetarian/vegan gravy abound online, but most of them just aren’t that good. The main problem is that they tend to be too sweet. This year, I decided to try out two new recipes, hoping that at least one of them would be good.

The result? Success! The first recipes below was delicious – not too sweet at all. My husband thought it tasted more like a beef gravy than a chiken or turkey gravy, but also liked the flavor. The recipe includes Marmite which I’ve never used before, but was easy enough to find at the local grocery. If you use regular vegetable stock, it’s definitely worth the addition. However, I normally use Better than Bouillon Low Sodium Vegetable Base which has a very similar savory, yeasty flavor. I would still add the Marmite if I had some on hand, but I wouldn’t buy it just for this recipe. Instead, I’d substitute an extra 1/2 tsp of the vegetable base.

The second recipe failed on the same point that most others have – it was too sweet. The flavor was nice, but seemed more appropriate as a dipping sauce for spring rolls than as a gravy.
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