Pear and Almond Tart

This tart is flavor-packed and will win over even those who don’t like pears. It is both mild and bursting with flavor at the same time and makes a great ending for a heavier meal.

You can use canned pears for the recipe, but it really is worth the time to poach the pears. Even lackluster, not-quite-ripe fruit transforms to a creamy and flavorful addition.
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Poached Pears

David Lebovitz has an excellent tutorial on poaching pears. I’ve used his guidelines to poach pears with the addition of white wine and vanilla beans to the poaching liquid.

There is some time involved in making these, but the result is truly outstanding. I’m tempted to work with this recipe to adapt a version for canning.

The pears can be eaten warm or chilled or included in other recipes.
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