Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

Sometimes I find myself with a fridge full of ingredients and leftovers that need to be used up. This soup came about when I realized I had some extra curry paste, cauliflower, and rice that was nearing the end of it’s life. If you have other veggies to use, substitute them here, or beef up the amount if you have more. Broccoli and carrots would both work well in place of – or in addition to – the roasted cauliflower; chop and roast them in the same way.
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Lentil Pastry Rolls

While trying to figure out what to take to a family gathering, Indian samosas came to mind. This is only abstractly similar in that it uses puff pastry with a savory filling because I wasn’t sure the group I was fixing it for would be adventurous enough to try new spices. The end result is a meaty and filling appetizer that looks pretty, but is not very difficult to make.

I used masoor dal for my lentils, hoping the end result would have a reddish-orange hue. The breadcrumbs and balsamic vinegar made the end result look more brown than orange. I liked the texture and flavor of the masoor dal and would definitely use it again, but I would also use whatever lentils I had available if I couldn’t find those.

This recipe makes a lot and can easily be cut in half for a smaller yield.

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