Butternut Squash Bowl with Peanut Basil Dressing

This plate of noodles and vegetables is filling and quick to prepare. To save extra time, buy cubed squash instead of a whole squash. you can swap the broccoli for cauliflower in the dish and get equally delicious results. Fresh ginger would pump up the flavor, but I didn’t have any on hand when I made this.
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Leek Bread Pudding

If you’re looking for an exceptionally rich and indulgent breakfast, this is the ticket. You’ll likely think that it won’t even fit in the pan to start with and the end result will be almost double the height of the pan when you pull it out of the oven – though it will deflate when it starts to cool a bit.
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Jalapeno Popper Dip

Jalapenos seem to vary in spiciness from one pepper to the next so adjust the number you use (and whether you keep the seeds) to your own heat preferences.

The addition of liquid smoke and the breadcrumb topping make the flavor and texture more realistic to fried jalapeno poppers. It will seem like a lot of topping when you mix it up, but put it all on – it really helps with the flavor.
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Galettes de Perouges

Perouges is a small, fortified medieval city about 20 miles outside of France’s third largest city, Lyon. They have a variety of different dishes that are common to the area, but one dessert in particular is typically only found in this area. Galettes are a round or free-form creations made of dough and can be sweet or savory. These are most definitely sweet with a crispy, caramelized top and a buttery soft dough.
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Italian Bread

This is a relatively quick bread to make – only taking about 3 hours total. It makes a massive loaf so you can divide the dough in half and make 2 smaller loaves if desired. When making the bread, you’ll find you need to add different amounts of flour depending on when you make this bread and the moisture level in the air. On a dry winter day, I needed 5 1/2 cups of flour to get to the right consistency.

Adding ice cubes just prior to baking helps create steam in the oven which gives a nice crust. Make sure that you only use a metal pan in the oven to hold the ice cubes. If you use a glass pan, it WILL shatter; the temperature change is too much for the glass to handle from the hot oven to the cold ice cubes.
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Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

Sometimes I find myself with a fridge full of ingredients and leftovers that need to be used up. This soup came about when I realized I had some extra curry paste, cauliflower, and rice that was nearing the end of it’s life. If you have other veggies to use, substitute them here, or beef up the amount if you have more. Broccoli and carrots would both work well in place of – or in addition to – the roasted cauliflower; chop and roast them in the same way.
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Pizza Sauce

Homemade pizza sauce only takes a few extra steps compared to making plain tomato sauce for canning. It requires a decent amount of cooking to reduce and thicken, but doesn’t require constant attention. Make sure to stir every 15 minutes or so to prevent sauce from sticking to the bottom of the pot. You may need to reduce the heat if you find that the sauce is sticking.
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Whiskey Sour Slush

Something about whiskey sour slush makes it seem like the perfect drink throughout the winter season. It could be because once you make the base, you can easily use it for weeks and have a delicious drink in under 30 seconds. It could also be that the recipe came from a friend who said her mom used to make it every Christmas so it just seems like the right time of year. Regardless of the reason, we’ve started whipping up a half-batch each December – or a full batch if we know we’ll be having company.
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