General Tso’s Chicken (or Tofu)

Chinese takeout has a way of being delicious and terrible at the same time. This homemade version of General Tso’s isn’t quite as fast as takeout, but it has a depth of flavor and spice that really shines and leaves you satisfied.

Low-sodium soy sauce is an absolute must in this recipe. Otherwise, it gets very salty to the point of being unpleasant.

To make this vegetarian friendly, swap out the chicken for tofu (extra firm) and the chicken broth for vegetable broth. Both versions are delicious! Increase the amount of chili-garlic sauce or sambal oelek to increase the heat.
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Roast Turkey Breast

Turkey (and chicken) can be thoroughly cooked without sacrificing moistness in the end result. Many people cook their birds to at least 165F as recommended by the USDA. Why this temperature though? At 165F, salmonella is killed within 10 seconds. However, salmonella starts to die long before this, just at a slower rate. If you cook to 150F, it takes under 5 minutes to kill the salmonella. At 155F, it’s less than 90 seconds. Allowing the turkey to rest, covered, when it reaches these temperatures will maintain them for 10 minutes or longer. If you’re still uncomfortable at 150F, keep the thermometer in or just turn the oven off and leave the turkey in for 5 more minutes.
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Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish with a mix of vegetables and sometimes meat. The vegetables are each cooked and seasoned separately, but the same wok can be reused for each step, keeping dishes to a minimum. Tongs seemed to work the best to prevent the vegetables from burning and also made it easy to transfer the finished items to a serving platter.
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